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Account Minimums

Account Minimums

February 02, 2022

Why Account Minimums should matter to you…

Many financial advisors and institutions have account minimums around $250,000 that clients must be able to invest before meeting with a live person.  This ridiculous rule is like waiting until people are 30 years old to have them go through drivers’ education class.  The problem is, unlike drivers ed, some traditional financial advisors don’t teach people how to save or invest, they simply charge a fee to manage the assets a client has already created. Some big banks, wire house firms, advisors, all make money by focusing their efforts targeting age 55+ clients with already large account balances.

At Iron Horse Financial, we do not have account minimums.  We help clients build wealth from scratch or from wherever they are on their journey. We assist clients with:

  1. Be intentional and efficient with every dollar
  2. Avoid mistakes that cost time and money
  3. Uncover inefficiencies
  4. Learn the difference in saving money and building wealth
  5. Look for the next step towards building wealth in your portfolio

Our average client has at IHF has been with us for 12 years. Sometimes it has taken several months before cash flow principles are fully implemented and begin to produce the cash flow needed to fund a wealth building account. We are willing to make the investment of our time into our clients during this initial period because we understand that every client can build a portfolio over time with proper instruction. This is the primary reason we do not require a minimum balance to work with us and why people should consider us for all their financial planning.